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3D Puff zodiac sign Heat Transfer vinyl prints

3D Puff zodiac sign Heat Transfer vinyl prints

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  •  You can use a household iron to heat transfer the pattern to 95% cloth.It can be used on knitted fabric, woven fabric,nylon fabric,non-woven fabric,oxford fabric, cotton fabric, polyester fabric, blend fabric, spandex fabric and so on... For example, T-shirts, hoodies, coats,shoes,pants,handbag,jeans,luggage,underwear...
  • How To Use

1.Put the pattern on fabric like T-shirt/jumper/bag/hat/canvas shoes

2.Set iron to 130-150℃(no steam),make sure the temperature is stable before use

3.Use cloth to cover the pattern in case fabric damaged by high temperature

4.Press the iron on pattern for 10-15 seconds

5.Make sure all pattern have been transferred to the item, cold peel, wait 2~3 minutes until the pattern is cold enough then tear off transparent membrane

6.Second ironing to strengthen: Put back the transparent membrane on the pattern, follow 3~4 steps

  • Clothes Care Instruction

Hand wash(Better to turn inside out for hand wash)

Water wash (40℃)

Air dry

Do not bleach

Do not isolation

Do not tumble dry

Do not wring the pattern

  • PLS note due to the weather issue,the package you received may become wet ,this is the normal situation,doesn't affect the use.if you mind this ,you can use tissue or dry cloth to wipe ,do not expose to sunshine .


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